Month of school for christmas

Christmas sure had come early this year.

I dropped my son off at school on Monday, he has a good day. 

Tuesday when j dropped him off I got told school will be sending 25mins earlier every day.  We were told a few weeks ago school was in consultation ref closing earlier but not by 25 minutes!

Thus means school children only have 30 minutes  to eat their dinner, parents as well as myself are outraged. 

My son has Down Syndrome and takes his time eating, he is still in pads and toilets after dinner take a up 10 minutes, how can he eat in 20 minutes.

Wednesday I went to school to be told they are closed for Christmas and Wednesday was his last day due to emergency building work.  They now open after Christmas.

Thursday morni g though I’d take him to a play centre as I know it would be quite early in the morning.  As I arrived i read a big sign which said closed for good!

Not getting much luck!.

Sometimes I just want to win the lottery and open a purpose built arena for all children and adults with special needs and disabilities.  A place where careers can find everything e.g swimming, sensory equipmebt ect. Were all the professional are under one roof specialist doctors, nurses, theoraphists ect, and we have 24/7 hours access to them.  



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