Winter Wonderland Manchester.

Went to Winter Wonderland with my two kids and husband today. It was s brilliant experience. My eldest son has Down Syndrome and sensory learning disorder, so he was sure in his element today.  The rides are near each other, the ques are small and you get to see Santa!

This was the best part.  The que to see Santa was nearly about 45 minutes long.  My son was not going to have the patience to wait in the que that long without putting up a fight!.

I explained the the little Elfs who ofcourse were helping Santa that my son really wants to see Santa but won’t wait in the que that long. 

They asked if I had a Badge which I should have been given on entrance to highlight his disability. I was asked to go and get this badge. I would have but only the entrance was the other side of the arena.

The Elfs saw my son standing near me and called me back to let us go next to see Santa without the Badge! 

The Elfs saw my son was not happy that’s why they called us back.

I get that rules are in place and must be followed but when someone breaks those rules to help manage a situation, you just feel soo greatful. Just like I did in that moment.

Especially as my son has special needs and doesn’t always understand situation.  If we had walked back to the entrance and come back with the Badge my son wouldn’t have wanted to see Santa and even if he did he would have been very upset because we left and came back.


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