The Greatest Dancer

Im really disappointed with The Greatest Dancer, i have a son who has Down Syndrome and autism. I was hoping to see an act with a disability being but through to the live shows, but clearly dispite the Dance Captains being in tears during the performances of the three acts with disability and givi g them fantastics comments little did they think or feel to put them through. What world are we living in!!. It sickens me! Will not be watching this again!.


Month of school for christmas

Christmas sure had come early this year.

I dropped my son off at school on Monday, he has a good day. 

Tuesday when j dropped him off I got told school will be sending 25mins earlier every day.  We were told a few weeks ago school was in consultation ref closing earlier but not by 25 minutes!

Thus means school children only have 30 minutes  to eat their dinner, parents as well as myself are outraged. 

My son has Down Syndrome and takes his time eating, he is still in pads and toilets after dinner take a up 10 minutes, how can he eat in 20 minutes.

Wednesday I went to school to be told they are closed for Christmas and Wednesday was his last day due to emergency building work.  They now open after Christmas.

Thursday morni g though I’d take him to a play centre as I know it would be quite early in the morning.  As I arrived i read a big sign which said closed for good!

Not getting much luck!.

Sometimes I just want to win the lottery and open a purpose built arena for all children and adults with special needs and disabilities.  A place where careers can find everything e.g swimming, sensory equipmebt ect. Were all the professional are under one roof specialist doctors, nurses, theoraphists ect, and we have 24/7 hours access to them.  


Winter Wonderland Manchester.

Went to Winter Wonderland with my two kids and husband today. It was s brilliant experience. My eldest son has Down Syndrome and sensory learning disorder, so he was sure in his element today.  The rides are near each other, the ques are small and you get to see Santa!

This was the best part.  The que to see Santa was nearly about 45 minutes long.  My son was not going to have the patience to wait in the que that long without putting up a fight!.

I explained the the little Elfs who ofcourse were helping Santa that my son really wants to see Santa but won’t wait in the que that long. 

They asked if I had a Badge which I should have been given on entrance to highlight his disability. I was asked to go and get this badge. I would have but only the entrance was the other side of the arena.

The Elfs saw my son standing near me and called me back to let us go next to see Santa without the Badge! 

The Elfs saw my son was not happy that’s why they called us back.

I get that rules are in place and must be followed but when someone breaks those rules to help manage a situation, you just feel soo greatful. Just like I did in that moment.

Especially as my son has special needs and doesn’t always understand situation.  If we had walked back to the entrance and come back with the Badge my son wouldn’t have wanted to see Santa and even if he did he would have been very upset because we left and came back.

Hi all I wrote this poem from the view of my son he has Down Syndrome..

God send me here to
Teach you all a lession.
Always remember 
I'm really 

My Daddy says I have beauty.
My Mummy tells me
I'm a real cutie.

I look at life gracefully 
Now listen to me very carefully.

Fighting isn't worth it,
This earth can do without it.
Be happy with each other.
Wish well to each other.

I'm happy first with myself
Then with everyone else.

So free you soul before
you get old,
Let go of the bad keep
Hold of the good. 

I'll make sure you
see this through,
That's why God,
Sent me here to 
Be with you.

Hope you all enjoy reading my poem.